iPad Mini 4 Tartan Leather Card Slot Case

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CaseBuddy iPad Mini 4 Tartan Card Slot Case
3 exciting colours to choose from

This synthetic canvas is perfect for professionals, students and casual users. Its slim just like the iPad Mini 4 itself but contains slots for your business/credit cards with adding unnecessary bulk. Available in 3 professional colours. This iPad Mini 4 case can be and customised in orders of over 100 making it also ideal for large corporate purchases. This iPad Mini 4 case is the perfect incarnation of the CEO style iPad cases you have come to enjoy on previous models, albeit a lot slimmer. Simple, professional, perfect and effective.

The iPad Mini 4 Deluxe Card Case is ideal for all iPad Mini 4 use: business, recreational or educational. The iPad Mini 4 Deluxe Card Case features:

  • Tough synthetic canvas like fabric
  • 3 professional colour-ways
  • Card slots for business cards
  • Card slots for credit cards
  • Perfect for professional iPad Mini 4 users
  • Perfect for student iPad Mini 4 users
  • Perfect for casual iPad Mini 4 users

Case Buddy offers the same iPad Mini 4 cases found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.

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