Armbot Tablet Arm Dual Hinge Desk Mount

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Title: Armbot Tablet Arm Dual Hinge Desk Mount
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CaseBuddy Armbot. Fits any tablet. Apple, Samsung, etc ...

Warning: Will not fit any iPad Pro or tablet bigger than 12"

The Armbot Bed & Desk Mount for iPads and Tablets is the first mounting bracket that gives you the option of attaching it to your desk. The Armbot is a modular design where you can shorten it to one arm section, two arm sections or use all three arm sections for the most flexible posing options.

The desk mounting C-clamp bracket is made of Zinc alloy and can be attached to the edge of any desk, table top, headboard, nightstand, kitchen counter, end table or coffee table. 

The Armbot comes with the C56 4-grip 360 degrees swivelling holding bracket that expands up to 20cm and compresses down to 12cm. The four grips have soft rubber pads that protect your device and they expand up to .875" (7/8") so they can accommodate a device with the case attached

  • Holding bracket grips any iPad and most tablets, even the Surface Pro 3 in landscape mode!
  • Includes 1 mounting bracket for desk mounting
  • 4 adjustable joints allow for perfect positioning for comfort and ergonomic perfection.
  • 37.4 inches long at full extensions with all three arm sections.
  • Three sectioned modular arm can be used with one, two or all three arm sections. Attaches to table or desk tops, night stands, headboards, end tables, coffee tables, kitchen cabinets and automobile

    Full access to all of your device's features and cable management feature keeps your workspace free of clutter 

    Case Buddy offers the same desk stands found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.

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